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1) Today’s date is April 30, 2010. I have been blogging, well sort of blogging for three years. So I figure maybe it is time for an about me page.
2) If you have read any of my blogs thus far (which by the way I don’t recommend) you will know a few things about me, not the least of which is I do not have a coherent, regularly updated or particularly interesting blog.
3) This photo is almost a year old. It seems to be getting harder and harder to locate recent photos of myself that are the least bit flattering. I give credit for my apparent photogenicness (I like to make up words) here to a good old fashion Rocky Mountain High complements of reaching the summit of Grey’s Peak. (My 2nd 14er)
4) I am on a quest for what I will refer to as “Right Livelihood” (in other words I am a waitress.) Actually being a waitress is not my dream job but if I have to work for someone else it isn’t a bad gig.
5) I currently do the waitressing thing two days a week, which gives me the rest of the week to pursue this still murky goal of making a living without a job.
6) I have actually made some progress toward this goal as a part time seller on EBay.
7) I have a mild craft addiction and hope to somehow spin some income out of my love for cutting and gluing.
8) I like to do impractical things just because I can. Like converting my living/dining room into a Gypsy lounge, for a family dinner, complete with crystal ball and costumes for all the guests, or wrapping gift cards in extravagant packaging, or making crazy gifts for my nephew and nieces. (i.e.: a stuffed version of Buzz Lightyear that was bigger than my nephew, a teddy bear checkers game, a spaceship because I had a really big box and a dress form made out of duct tape just to name a few things)
9) Living as a part time waitress, part time EBay seller surprisingly does not a 6 figure income make. (At least not yet) It does however pay the bills (so far) and provide me with more freedom than I ever had when I worked in the corporate world, which is priceless. I will happily eat ramen noodles and drive an older vehicle to avoid the boxed in feeling of a Monday thru Friday sometimes Saturday 8:00 to 5:00 6:00 sometimes 7:00 existence in the cubicle world.
10) As one might guess I live more frugally than when I was receiving a regular paycheck from freedom sucking, creativity killing, baggage laden corporate company, once again in my opinion a priceless trade-off.
11) Because of the need to be frugal (and because I am kooky enough to think it is fun) many of my projects are made at least in part from trash.
12) I like a challenge but only if it involves making something out of that thing in my hand that I am about to throw away. We thrifty crafters euphemistically call this upcycling.
13) My one claim to fame is in fact a logo for the above mentioned upcycling. Back when I started hording empty toilet paper tubes in my night stand, cereal boxes in the coat closet and milk cartons under the kitchen sink, I had just stumbled onto this glamorous new term “upcycling.” Who else to turn to than Google to find a logo? But the only thing I found was the universal logo for recycling so I decided to make my own upcycling logo. As of this posting, a Google Web or image search on “upcycling logo” returns my logo / blog post as the top search.
14) A few more random things: I am not a very good house keeper. I drink straight out of the milk carton (guests beware.) I need a haircut but am too lazy to deal with shorter hair. I wish I could play the guitar. I wish I knew how to spell guitar. Thank God for spell check!! I am usually up by 6:00 but in my bathroom until 10:00. I love animals, books and people who make me laugh. I don’t watch American Idol (this, if nothing else on the list, I believe qualifies me for some sort of odd-ball status.) I am as insecure about growing old as I am determined to do it gracefully. I believe that while humor doesn’t belong everywhere it is often missing in places where it could do the most good. And lastly I believe that just because our lives have an expiration date this does not excuse us from working toward our dreams and adding new ones daily.

If you have made it to the bottom of this list thank you for your interest. Now go do something more important. (Hint: almost anything will qualify.)