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April 07, 2008


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I too enjoyed your insights on solopreneur and confirmation on the spelling. It still comes up as a misspelled word in Word 2010. I just left the corporate world after 30 years and will become one myself. One of the things I want to do in my new life is to help conscious solopreneurs be successful through marketing or just helping them out. I am inspired by your blog where you can play with new ideas. All the best. --Linda


An old post I see, but still great!

I wanted to use the term to describe myself and felt i should make sure my understanding of the word matched what I wanted others to know.

Does 'Solopreneur' come up in spell check now?


thank you for taking time to research this new and powerful word. Love it.

Cindy Fortin

Vic - Thanks for your comments and for stopping by.


Great insight. I found your page in Google in search for the meaning of solopreneur. For me, it can be a good start in the entrepreneurial world. Though, time may come that we need to expand and hire employees to maximize the opportunities.


Loved your sense of humor/humility! My guess, as a "solopreneur" on the rise is that people choose that for various reasons, so the MOST important thing, as I see it, is deciding WHY to become one in the first it to ward off boredom? Then it's more like a "hobbie." Is it for some much needed extra cash? Then it's "moonlighting." Is is to feel good about yourself? Then do some serious soulsearching and ask WHY, really. See my sister: she, unlike me, is RICH, has a NICE husband, a HUGE house, everything including the white picket fence and is just NOT happy about any of that. Me? I'm just by myself, poor as hell, but happy because I only do what I love/want. So you see, one way or another we all PAY for success!:> Hope that helped...Love, Kayla.

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